Black Powder

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American War of Independence British Army Starter Set - EN
New York - 1776, General Washington has been preparing his defences since April.
American War of Independence Continental Army Starter Set - EN
March 1776 - Continental artillery is placed overlooking the city of Boston forcing the evacuation o...
Black Powder British 95th Rifles (Chosen Men) - EN
The 95th Rifles were an elite unit of hard marching, sharp shooting light infantry that served in ma...
Black Powder British Household Brigade - EN
This box will allow you to make a unit of 12 cavalrymen of the Horse Guards or either of the Lifegua...
Black Powder British Infantry Regiment - EN
The British Redcoat of the Revolutionary War was part of a small but well-trained army, stretched al...
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Black Powder British Line Infantry (Peninsular) (24) - EN
Widely held as the finest body of fighting men to have fought under the Union flag, the British army...
Black Powder British Line Infantry (Waterloo) - EN
With the return of the French tyrant Napoleon Bonaparte from his exile on the island of Elba, Britai...
Black Powder British Union Brigade - EN
This set allows you to build any of the three regiments in the Union Brigade as well as headgear opt...
Black Powder Colonial Militia Men - EN
America was a dangerous place to live in the 18th century, the communities feeling under real or ima...
Black Powder Continental Infantry Regiment - EN
George Washington had served in the Crown forces against the French, and knew full well how the Brit...
Black Powder Epic Battles: ACW Cavalry - EN
Cavalry played a pivotal role in all conflicts up to and including the American Civil War, however i...
Black Powder Epic Battles: ACW Confederate Command - EN
Robert E. Lee: The son of ‘Light Horse Harry’ Lee, an officer who served in a previous r...
Black Powder Epic Battles: ACW Dismounted Cavalry - EN
The role of Cavalry during the American Civil War went through a peculiar evolution. The realities o...
Black Powder Epic Battles: ACW Skirmishers - EN
Skirmishing troops were important parts of Union and Confederate battleplans during the American Civ...
Black Powder Epic Battles: ACW The Iron Brigade - EN
The Iron Brigade (or black hats) was an infantry brigade in the Union Army of the Potomac, formed of...
Black Powder Epic Battles: ACW Union Command - EN
Ulysses S. Grant: Ulysses Simpson Grant, or more accurately Hiram Ulysses Grant (he was registered i...
Black Powder Epic Battles: ACW Zouaves - EN
The Zouave Regiments (or Zouave Inspired Regiments) were used by both the Union and Confederate forc...
Black Powder Field Artillery and Army Commanders - EN
In Europe, massed artillery was beginning to be a regular feature on the battlefield, and came at ti...
Black Powder French Chasseurs a Cheval Light Cavalry - EN
Formed originally back in 1743, the Chasseurs à Cheval (mounted hunters) were hard riding, gr...
Black Powder French Hussars - EN
Napoleonic warfare saw bewildering varieties of exotic uniforms worn by the various armies that marc...