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Baron Voodoo - EN
In Baron Voodoo you play as a “Loa”, a voodoo god, who has the chance to become the new ...
Chronicles of Crime - Glasses - EN
A Key element of Chronicles of Crime is the capacity to search for physical evidence in virtual real...
Chronicles of Crime - Welcome To Redview - EN
Redview. It’s always been a small and seemingly quiet American town. But, it’s a hot sum...
Chronicles of Crime: 1400 - EN
The new Chronicles of Crime: 1400 standalone game brings back well-known mechanics from the Chronicl...
Chronicles of Crime: 1900 - EN
“You are Victor Lavel, a young and ambitious journalist.
Chronicles of Crime: 1900 Launch Kit - EN
“You are Victor Lavel, a young and ambitious journalist.
Chronicles of Crime: Noir - EN
You are Sam Spader, a private eye willing
Destinies - DE
Destinies ist ein kompetitives, story-getriebenes Abenteuer- und Erkundungsspiel, das eine App und e...
Destinies - EN
Destinies is a competitive, story-driven, game of adventure and exploration,
Destinies - Meer aus Sand Erweiterung - DE
Als Teilnehmer an einem Berberkreuzzug habt ihr soeben den Hafen von Genua mit einer 60 Schiffe fass...
Franky: Rock'n Vegas - EN/DE/FR
Franky: Rock'n Vegas merges two concepts from pop culture that may or may not have been merged ...
Ganymede - EN
Each player plays the role of a corporation specialized in sending Settlers to colonize unexplored p...
Ganymede: Moon - EN/FR
Moon enlarges each player board with a new location on both the left (the HOPE S. HWANG Moon) and th...
Half Pint Heroes - EN
In the Half-Pint Pub, tempers are running hot. You can almost feel the tension in the air. Any momen...
Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0 - DE
Das Ende der Menschheit ist nah. Die Revolution der Maschinen begann still und unbemerkt und es sind...
Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0 - EN
The end of humanity is near. The Machine revolution began slowly and unrecognized by the world. They...
Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0 –Project: Hell Gate - DE
Als die Menschen kurz davor waren endgültig besiegt zu werden, aktivierten sie in ihrer Verzwei...
Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0 –Project: Hell Gate - EN
The last despaired Humans activated a secret weapon but they did not know what they were doing. Some...
Jetpack Joyride - EN
Jetpack Joyride is a real-time competitive puzzle game adapted from the mobile game of the same name...