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Battlefield In A Box - Ruined Building
Includes one large pre-painted ruined building and two pre-painted damaged houses.
Battlefield in a Box - Runied City Building Base
Add a Building Base to your City Ruins plastic buildings to complete the look and make them look tru...
Battlefield In A Box - Rural Road Expansion Set
Includes Seven Pre-painted Rural Road and Rail Sections.
Battlefield In A Box - Small Autumn Wood (x1) - 15mm
Small Autumn Wood contains: 9x Small Autumn Trees, 2x Triple Tree Stands, 1x Double Tree Stand, 1x S...
Battlefield In A Box - Space Station Lasers
While dogfighting in the depths of space, pilots must keep an eye out for any nearby capital ships o...
Battlefield in a Box - Stalingrad Destroyed Building (Plastic)
Scenery plays a vital part in any miniature wargame. The Battlefield in a Box range of tabletop-read...
Battlefield In A Box - Train Station
Pre-painted Battlefield in a Box Train Station.
Battlefield In A Box - Trenchline System
contains a 4’/120cm Pre-painted Trenchline System
Battlefield In A Box - Village Walls
Contains 29" / 70cm of pre-painted Village Walls & one Fountain.
Beyond The Gates of Antares: Algoryn Command Squad - EN
Already own Kar'a Nine? This is a fantastic command squad to further your plastic Algoryn troop...
Beyond The Gates of Antares: Freeborn Domari Squad - EN
The Freeborn Domari Squad box contains enough multi-part hard plastic components to create 2 Freebor...
Black Powder British Line Infantry (Peninsular) (24) - EN
Widely held as the finest body of fighting men to have fought under the Union flag, the British army...
Black Powder British Line Infantry (Waterloo) - EN
With the return of the French tyrant Napoleon Bonaparte from his exile on the island of Elba, Britai...
Black Powder British Union Brigade - EN
This set allows you to build any of the three regiments in the Union Brigade as well as headgear opt...
Black Powder Colonial Militia Men - EN
America was a dangerous place to live in the 18th century, the communities feeling under real or ima...
Black Powder Continental Infantry Regiment - EN
George Washington had served in the Crown forces against the French, and knew full well how the Brit...