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Infinity CodeOne: Liang Kai - EN
Liang Kai used to be a hero, a champion, a renowned and admired martial artist, a decorated warrior ...
Infinity CodeOne: Nomads Action Pack - EN
Nomads are those who, for a variety of reasons, have shunned planetary society, both philosophically...
Infinity CodeOne: Oktavia Grímsdóttir, Icebreaker Harpooner - EN
The icebreaker ships that the locals call rustbuckets are the only thing that can guarantee that a t...
Infinity CodeOne: PanOceania Booster Pack Alpha - EN
Sale Info: This box includes 3 miniatures for PanOceania: 1 Akalis with Combi Rifle, 1 Swiss Guard w...
Infinity CodeOne: PanOceania Booster Pack Beta - EN
This box includes 3 miniatures for PanOceania: 1 Kamau Hacker, 1 Aquila Guard with HMG and 1 Nisse w...
Infinity CodeOne: Shasvastii Special Armored Corp Sphinx (TAG)- EN
According to Shasvastii tactical philosophy, the Special Armored Corps is a non-conventional infiltr...
Infinity CodeOne: Shona Carano, Aristeia! Swordmaster (Submachine gun) - EN
Armies: PanOceania /Neoterra/ WinterFor/ O-12/ Starmada
Infinity CodeOne: The Shrouder (Boarding Shotgun) - EN
Shasvastii Pioneers spearhead every invasion by the Continuum Expeditionary Forces. They reconnoiter...
Infinity CodeOne: Yu Jing Booster Pack Alpha - EN
Sale Info: This box includes 3 miniatures for Yu Jing: 1 Hsien with HMG, 1 Zhanying Imperial Agent H...
Infinity CodeOne: Yu Jing Booster Pack Beta- EN
This box includes 3 miniatures for Yu Jing: 1 Yān Huǒ with Missile Launchers, 1 Zuyong with MULTI ...
Infinity CodeOne: Zeta Unit - EN
Both in open combat and in low-intensity conflicts, the Zeta Units are Bureau Aegis’s sledgeha...
Infinity Jayth Cutthroats, Shasvastii Independent Assault Group - EN
As naval boarding and assault teams, the Jayth Cutthroats form a distinct unit, with its own rules a...
Infinity John Hawkwood, Merc Officer (K1 Marksman Rifle) - EN
Hawkwood is a calculating and precise man with nerves of steel, essentially a professional soldier a...
Infinity Knight of Montesa - EN
o Knight of Montesa Mounted (Motorbike) (Boarding Shotgun)
Infinity Military Orders Action Pack - EN
o 2x Coadjutor Crosiers (Combi Rifle)
Infinity N4 with Oktavia Grimsdóttir, Icebreaker Harpooner - EN
Infinity is a 28mm metal miniatures game simulating special operations and skirmishes in a high tech...