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Infinity: Hortlak Jannisaires (Submachine gun) - EN
The Soruşturma Bölümü or Investigations Department is staffed by Janissaries trained...
Infinity: Human Sphere N3 - EN
The new edition of Human Sphere is a full color compilation book that updates its ruleset to Infinit...
Infinity: Imperial Service (Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack) - EN
This Starter Pack is the best choice to start collecting, providing the core units of any army list:...
Infinity: Intel Spec-Ops (Heavy Pistol, Sniper) - EN
Infinity Spec-Ops have no troop profile in the Army Lists, however they are the perfect proxies to u...
Infinity: Invincible Army (Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack) - EN
This Starter Pack is the best choice to start collecting, providing the core units of any army list:...
Infinity: Irmandinhos (Boarding Shotgun) - EN
Blister with an Irmandinho with a Boarding Shotgun. This Warband is ready to run impetuously towards...
Infinity: Jeanne d'Arc 2.0 (Mobility Armor) (Spitfire) - EN
High mobility version of Jeanne d’Arc, the charismatic leader who will lead your Military Orde...
Infinity: Jeanne d´Arc (MULTI Rifle) - EN
Jeanne d’Arc is a charismatic leader who will lead your Military Orders sectorial army to Vict...
Infinity: Jotums (MULTI HMG + Heavy FT, D.E.P.) - EN
This product is not a toy. Not intended for use of persons 14 years of age or younger.
Infinity: JSA Support Pack - EN
A new kind of compilation box specially designed by Corvus Belli for new players. Thinking ahead to ...
Infinity: Ju Ying Support Pack - EN
Mech-Engineers (Zhanshi Gōngchéng) are the members of the
Infinity: Kaplan Tactical Services (KTS) - EN
KTS is a private military security firm and a subsidiary of Beyhan Contractors Şti, an engineering ...
Infinity: Kriigel Agents (Submachine Gun) - EN
Her mastery of the Corathar skill grants her access to the Eraser and Mirrorball Pheroware Tactics, ...
Infinity: Krit Kokram, Invincible Zúyŏngs Specialist - EN
This Krit Kokram miniature is an ideal Engineer profile to add to your Invincible Army Starter Pack ...
Infinity: Libertos Freedom Fighters (Light Shotgun) - EN
It’s time to recover lost pride, to take up arms and rise up against the oppressor. The time h...
Infinity: Lunokhod Sputniks (CrazyKoalas) - EN
The Lunokhod Sputniks are Nomad remotes. They are equipped with a repeater, which widens the field f...
Infinity: Maghariba Pilot - EN
This miniature belonging to the Army of Haqqislam fulfills supporting functions thanks to the fact t...
Infinity: Mary Problems, Tactical ÜberHacker (Hacker) - EN
Mary Problems is the most efficient and dangerous, but never the most conventional, cybercombat expe...
Infinity: Mercenaries D20 Dice Set (5)
A set of of five D20 for use with your Mercenaries army! Each die features the Mercenaries symbol in...
Infinity: Miranda Ashcroft, Authorized Bounty Hunter (Combi Rifle) - EN
If you missed the special edition Miranda Ashcroft from the Infinity Artbook One PreOrder don’...