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Infinity: Avatar - EN
This box includes two miniatures: one Avatar, the frightening EI TAG, and the Staldron Remote Ancill...
Infinity: Betrayal Graphic Novel: Limited Edition - EN
In a hidden base deep in the jungles of planet Paradiso, Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut must determine w...
Infinity: Betrayal Novela Gráfica. Edición Limitada - SP
In a hidden base deep in the jungles of planet Paradiso, Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut must determine w...
Infinity: Beyond Kaldstrom Expansion Pack - EN
The perfect complement for the Operation Kaldstrom Battle Pack. On the frozen plains of Svalarheima,...
Infinity: Brawlers, Mercenary Enforcers - EN
For the Brawlers, violence is always the solution. Whatever problem you put in front of these mercen...
Infinity: Cassandra Kusanagi (Spitfire) - EN
Among the Observance of Saint Mary of the Knife, Cassandra Kusanagi has the status of a veritable ce...
Infinity: Chaksa Auxiliars - EN
2x Chaksa Auxiliar (Baggage, Sensor) (Heavy Flamethrower)
Infinity: Chaksa Longarms - EN
Armies: PanOceania/ WinterFor/ White Company /Starmada/ Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin/ Spiral Co...
Infinity: Classified Objective Deck - EN
New Classified Objectives deck for ITS adapted for the Season 10.
Infinity: Combined Army D20 Dice Set (5)
A set of of five D20 for use with your Combined Army army! Each die features the Combined Army symbo...
Infinity: Combined Army Support Pack - EN
Med-Techs are adaptive bio-cybernetic creatures with hyper-rapid access to a vast library of medical...
Infinity: Combined Army: Shasvastii Action Pack - EN
The Shasvastii are the Combined Army’s hounds, explorers and trackers. The Shasvastii army wor...
Infinity: CSU, Corporate Security Unit (Boarding Shotgun) - EN
Thanks to his Special Skill: MetaChemistry and his Boarding Shotgun, she will be the perfect troop t...
Infinity: Daedalus' Fall - EN
Rise and fall of the Tohaa! Years ago, the Tohaa arrived on Paradiso to help humanity fight the Comb...
Infinity: Delta Unit (Doctor, Yudbot-B) - EN
The Delta Unit is an immediate response team, composed of elite assault troopers, specializing in li...
Infinity: Dire Foes Mission Pack 5: Viral Outbreak - EN
Another mission box providing two enemy characters and also a Civilian model, printed artwork and th...
Infinity: Dragon Lady, Imperial Service Judge - EN
Imperial Service judges are high-ranking functionaries in service of the Emperor with an authority t...
Infinity: Dronbot Remotes - EN
Dronbot is an acronym for Drone Robot. These semiautonomous, auxiliary robot units can be highly opt...