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Infinity: Uprising - EN
A new expansion book that will mark a before and after in the history of the Infinity Universe. Thro...
Infinity: Varuna Immediate Reaction Division (Panoceania Sectorial Starter Pack) - EN
A perfect Starter Pack to start playing with PanOceania, within the Varuna Sectorial Army. This Star...
Infinity: Yaokong Remotes Pack - EN
Yáokòngs are semi-autonomous robotic units employed by the Yu Jing military as infantr...
Infinity: Yáoxiè Remotes (Lù Duan / Rui Shi) - EN
This product is not a toy. Not intended for use of persons 14 years of age or younger.
Infinity: Zhayedan Intervention Troops - EN
This box includes four Infinity miniatures with the perfect profile to complement a Zhayedan Firetea...
Infinity: Zhēnchá, Armored Reconnaissance Regiment (Hacker) - EN
The Zhēnchá are the best Heavy Infantry you can find among Yu Jing troops. They will be capa...
Infinity: Zhēnchá, Armored Reconnaissance Regiment (Submachine Gun) - EN
The Zhēnchá are the first to arrive in the area of operations, but by working with a frontli...
Infinity: Zulu-Cobra, Special Recon and Intervention Team (Hacker) - EN
Take advantage of his Camouflage and Forward Deployment to hunt down enemy Hackers thanks to his Kil...