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Conquest - Hundred Kingdoms: WarColours Paint Set
6 faction specific paints - Antique Gold, Metallic Pewter, Red 4, Ochre 4 contrast, Brown 4 contrast...
Conquest - Inferno X Turbo Shift: Collab with Turbo Dork - EN
Conquest/TurboDork Collaboration - 1 Inferno Automata Brute Miniature and 5- 20ml Turbo Dork Paints ...
Conquest - Nords Ugr - EN
Ugr occupy a very strange place in Nord society. They are the exalted progeny of demigods, capable o...
Conquest - Nords: - Blooded - EN
1 Resin Miniature, 1 x 27mm plastic base, 1 iCard
Conquest - Nords: 1 player Starter Set - EN
A Nord Warband is the ideal place for an aspiring commander to begin his collection into the world o...
Conquest - Nords: Army Support Packs W 2 - EN
These sets include each factions’ Secret Objectives updated for the second edition, as well as...
Conquest - Nords: Captain - EN
1 Resin Miniature, 1 x 27mm plastic base.
Conquest - Nords: Fenr Beastpack Wargs - EN
Massing almost half a ton and porting massive fangs and wicked claws, the most terrifying trait of t...
Conquest - Nords: Huskarls - EN
12 models per pack Includes Command expansion and regiment stands. 1 iCard.
Conquest - Nords: Ice Jotnar Artisan Series - EN
Few and far in between, Ice Jotnar are the nobility of their kind and the most powerful of the Jotun...
Conquest - Nords: Jarl - EN
1 Resin Miniature, 1 x 27mm plastic base, 1 iCard
Conquest - Nords: Konungyr (Nords King) - EN
The fragmented leadership of the Nords respects only one thing: power and strength. Less than a doze...
Conquest - Nords: Mountain Jotnar - EN
Following Ragnarok and the burning of Yggdrasil, the Jotun threatened all human life in the northern...
Conquest - Nords: Raiders - EN
The only true prospect of advancement for the average Nord is to earn a seat in one of the Raiding v...
Conquest - Nords: Shield Biter - EN
Some Nord Berserkers can control the divine ‘gift’ that courses through their blood and ...
Conquest - Nords: Skald - EN
One of few cultural institutions in the Nord lands, the Skalds are the keepers of Nord history and c...
Conquest - Nords: Stalkers - EN
The Stalkers have been gifted with the bestial senses of their forefather, possessing keener eyesigh...
Conquest - Nords: Tactical Retinue - EN
3 Resin Miniatures with 1 unique resin landscape stand and 2 additonal stands, and a 4 stand base.
Conquest - Nords: Trolls - EN
While they don’t like admitting it, all Nords know that they share a bond of blood with the Tr...
Conquest - Nords: WarColours Paint Set
6 faction specific paints -Flesh 5 contrast, Warm Grey 3 contrast , Metallic Pewter, Emerald 4 contr...