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Terrain Crate: Abandoned Mine - EN
Contents: 28 pieces of plastic terrain. Supplied assembled and unpainted.
Terrain Crate: Abandoned Town - EN
Designed to depict the ruins of a once-bustling town, this set includes several of our great modular...
Terrain Crate: Adventurers' Crate - EN
“Your party meets in a local tavern.The task is simple; the town guard are irrevocably corrupt...
Terrain Crate: Ancient Columns - EN
These stone columns are ancient -either found as outdoor ruins of a lost civilisationor lining a tem...
Terrain Crate: Battlefield
42 Plastic Scenery Pieces
Terrain Crate: Battlefield Fences & Hedges
This set contains 12 pre-coloured pieces of plastic terrain.
Terrain Crate: Battlefield Objectives
13 plastic scenery pieces and vanguard counter sheet
Terrain Crate: Battlefield Ruins - EN
This set contains nearly 100 pieces of modular terrain including 48 Connectors, allowing you to cons...
Terrain Crate: Battlefield Ruins - EN
Bring your tabletop to life with this Battlefield Ruins set. This set includes 40 pieces of scenery ...
Terrain Crate: Battlefield Walls
This set contains 18 pre-coloured pieces of plastic terrain.
Terrain Crate: Battlezones Street Accessories
In the hyper-capitalist urban sprawls of the GCPS, consumers are bombarded with the neon glamour and...
Release Date: November 2021 (Subject to change)
Note: Release date is approximate and will be finalized later.
Order Deadline: 24.10.2021
Terrain Crate: Blacksmith & Stable - EN
Bring your tabletop to life with the Blacksmith and Stable set. This set includes 16 pieces of scene...
Terrain Crate: Citiscape - EN
48 pieces of plastic scenery
Terrain Crate: Dungeon Doors - EN
These doors can be used to add to your existing dungeons, or on the outside of buildings for your fa...