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Kings of War Vanguard: Undead Warband Set - EN
The dead do not rest easy in Mantica, for there are those who would use them as macabre puppets to f...
Kings of War: 3rd Edition Gamer's Rulebook - EN
3rd Ed Rules and Core Army lists only. Basically hardback without background section - the same as t...
Kings of War: Cavern Dweller - EN
Cavern Dwellers are but one of the horrors found within the expansive northern ice caves. These crea...
Kings of War: Depth Horror Eternal - EN
In the dark, cold places beneath the waves, horrifying creatures lurk in a submarine world almost de...
Kings of War: Ej Grenadiers Regiment - EN
Perhaps the most daring troops in a halfling army are the Ej Grenadiers. Using their mechanical-wing...
Kings of War: Halfling Army - EN
The Halflings have split from the League of Rhordia. While relations have been rebuilt, the Shirefol...
Kings of War: Halfling Battlegroup - EN
The Trained Bands are the most common troops in the Shire Army. Many so-called Braves that are draft...
Kings of War: Halfling Heroes - EN
1 Sauceror, 1 Greedyguts, 1 Feastmaster
Kings of War: Halfling Howitzer - EN
Following their membership of the League, some gunpowder artillery is also used by both the Shire ar...
Kings of War: Halfling Iron Beast - EN
Originally conceived by the dwarfs as their Steel Behemoth, the concept of an Iron Beast was later b...
Kings of War: Halfling Mega Army - EN
While the halflings do love the pleasures of life, they are willing to go to great lengths to protec...
Kings of War: Halfling Poachers Battlegroup - EN
10 Halfling Poachers, 5 Halfling Wild Riders
Kings of War: Halfling Stalwarts Battlegroup - EN
10 Halfling Stalwarts, 5 Halfling Knights