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FFG - Star Wars: Armada - Maneuver Tool - EN
The massive capital starships of Star Wars™: Armada feature designs that balance their scale a...
FFG - Star Wars: Armada - Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack - EN
The Starhawk-class Battleship was the first capital ship commissioned by the nascent New Republic De...
FFG - Star Wars: Armada - Onager-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack - EN
The Onager-class Star Destroyer is a specialized platform for some of the Empire’s most danger...
FFG - Star Wars: Armada - Profundity Expansion Pack - EN
With its powerful ship and cunning commander, the Profundity Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Ar...
FFG - Star Wars: Armada - Rebel Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack - EN
Squadrons play an important role in the tactical feet battles of Star Wars™: Armada. Though th...
FFG - Star Wars: Armada - Rebellion in the Rim - EN
Take command of the farthest reaches of the galaxy with the Rebellion in the Rim Campaign Expansion ...
FFG - Star Wars: Armada - Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack - EN
Han Solo, Boba Fett, and a handful of the galaxy's most notorious rogues and villains race to t...
FFG - Star Wars: Armada - The Corellian Conflict Campaign Expansion Pack - EN
Join your friends in open warfare to decide the fate the Corellian Sector!
FFG - Star Wars: Imperial Assault - EN
Imperial Assault casts you and your friends into the climatic events following the Death Star’...
FFG - Star Wars: Imperial Assault Dice Pack
Keep the focus on the tense Star Wars battles of Imperial Assault with a tool of convenience: extra ...
FFG - Star Wars: Imperial Assault Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack - EN
Throw Force lightning, tempt others down the road to ruin, and spur others toward spontaneous violen...
FFG - Star Wars: Imperial Assault Heart of the Empire Campaign Expansion - EN
The Heart of the Empire expansion for Imperial Assault welcomes you to Coruscant, capital of the gal...
FFG - Star Wars: Imperial Assault Lothal Wastes Skirmish Map
What was once an environmentally rich planet has been corrupted by the Empire. Lothal, once a beacon...
FFG - Star Wars: Imperial Assault Tyrants of Lothal - EN
Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Tyrants of Lothal, A new expansion for Imperial Assault!
FFG - Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Jabba's Realm - EN
Jabba’s Realm is a new expansion for Imperial Assault offering a wealth of new content. You&rs...
FFG - Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Jawa Scavenger Villain Pack - EN
Droids are common throughout the galaxy, but to the Jawas of Tatooine, they’re something speci...
FFG - Star Wars: Legion - Clone Wars Grundspiel - DE
Bald könnt ihr in diesen epischen Konflikt eintauchen, eure Truppen zusammenstellen und sie in ...
FFG - Star Wars: X-Wing - Hound's Tooth - Expansion Pack - EN
A modified YV-666 light freighter, Hound’s Tooth was the signature vessel of one of the galaxy...
FFG - Star Wars: X-Wing - K-Wing - Expansion Pack - EN
A heavily armed bomber that could double as an escort or reconnaissance vessel, the Rebellion’...
FFG - Star Wars: X-Wing - Kihraxz Fighter - Expansion Pack - EN
Modeled after Incom’s popular X-wing starfighter, the versatile Kihraxz was developed specific...