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Infinity: Tariqa, High Rank Counselor - EN
The Tariqas are the consultants and senior advisors of the Hachib, President of Haqqislam, as well a...
Infinity: Taskmaster, Bakunin SWAST Team - EN
A brutal Heavy Infantry and necessary support for Bakunin. Thanks to his high Armor value and his HM...
Infinity: Taskmasters, Bakunin SWAST Team (HMG) - EN
Here comes the necessary heavy support for the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command. Thanks to his elevate...
Infinity: Tech Bee & Crabbot Ancillary Remote Unit - EN
With TAGLINE, TAG pilots have become more important. They are now receiving special training to be a...
Infinity: Tertiarian Trinitarian - EN
Trinitarians have mastered the use of stealth technology, and they are usually involved in sensitive...
Infinity: Teutonic Knights (Spitfire/Combi Rifle) - EN
This is a repackaging of individual products into a single product. It’s a blister with two mi...
Infinity: Teutonic Knights - EN
The Teutonic Knights fight like desperate men for whom danger does not exist. They greet the enemy w...
Infinity: The Charontids (Plasma Rifle) - EN
This Heavy Infantry is a great addition to our Combined Army Starter Pack that will bring fear to an...
Infinity: The Hollow Men - EN
This box includes four high quality metal miniatures. A vital addition to our Tunguska Jurisdictiona...
Infinity: The Nazarova Twins, Kum Enforcers - EN
They may be twins but Zamira and Zuleyka are quite different from each other. Two Special Character ...
Infinity: The Umbra - EN
This is a repackaging of individual products into a single product. It’s a box with three mini...
Infinity: The Unknown Ranger (Molotok) - EN
Who is the Unknown Ranger? A legend born in the trenches of the Separatist Wars. Some say that he is...
Infinity: Third Offensive - EN
A new book for Infinity. In it we can find all the details of the Third Offensive. Is Paradiso on th...
Infinity: Tohaa Diplomatic Delegates - EN
The diplomatic delegates of Tohaa are the elite of their society. They have a very large capacity fo...
Infinity: Tohaa Support Pack - EN
The Kumotail Bioengineers have united technology and biomedicine becoming hyper-qualified technical ...
Infinity: Traktor Muls. Regiment of Artillery and Support - EN
This product is not a toy. Not intended for use of persons 14 years of age or younger.
Infinity: Tunguska Jurisdictional Command (Nomads Sectorial Starter Pack) - EN
A perfect Starter Pack to start playing with Nomads, within the Tunguska Jurisdictional Command Sect...
Infinity: Unidrons - EN
Highly suitable as an expansion box for all those who have bought the recently released Combined Arm...
Infinity: Uprising - EN
A new expansion book that will mark a before and after in the history of the Infinity Universe. Thro...
Infinity: USAriadna Army Pack - EN
A box containing 9 miniatures belonging to an Ariadnan Sectorial Army, an introductory ruleset, scen...