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Infinity: Seraphs, Military Order Armored Cavalry - EN
Eagerly awaited by many players, this is the TAG of the PanOceanian armored knights. The Seraphs lea...
Infinity: Shang Ji Invincibles - EN
The new Shàng Jí (“Superior”) armor is quicker, lighter, and definitely be...
Infinity: Shaolin Warrior Monk (DA CCW) - EN
Shaolin monks practice Zen Buddhism and are outstanding martial artists. As the entirety of their tr...
Infinity: Shasvastii Haiduks (MULTI Sniper) - EN
The main function of the Haiduk is to slow the advance of opposing troops through precise and consta...
Infinity: Shasvastii Mentors (Shock Marksman Rifle) - EN
Their work is vital to coordinating the operational functions of the Shasvastii units that, by their...
Infinity: Shasvastii Nox Troops - EN
Nox Troops prefer the night because it facilitates their work: causing chaos and sowing fear. They a...
Infinity: Shikami (Combi Rifle) - EN
This Heavy Infantry equipped with ODD is a very tough Specialist Operative and a very lethal melee c...
Infinity: Shikami (Contender) - EN
This Heavy Infantry equipped with ODD is a very tough Specialist Operative and a very lethal melee c...
Infinity: Speculo Killer (Boarding Shotgun) - EN
Blister with a Speculo Killer with Boarding Shotgun. Thanks to her Impersonation Special Skill, she ...
Infinity: Spiral Corps Army Pack - EN
Spiral Corps is a mixed mercenary company with a core of experts and professional troops from the To...
Infinity: Starmada Action Pack - EN
Starmada, O-12’s space fleet, was born out of the need of the Bureau Aegis to be a global acti...
Infinity: Suryats, Assault Heavy Infantry - EN
The perfect support to create a Fireteam within the Morat Sectorial Army. You can combine them with ...
Infinity: Szalamandra Squadron - EN
The Szalamandra’s thick armor allows it to withstand the toughest of punishments, just as its ...
Infinity: Taagma Schemers (Viral Sniper Rifle) - EN
The Taagma Schemers are that unpleasant surprise that you’ll find among the NA2 troops. Thanks...
Infinity: Taigha Creatures
Release Date: 10.12.2021
Order Deadline: 12.11.2021
Infinity: TankHunters (Autocannon) - EN
Armies: Ariadna/ Tartary Army Corps
Infinity: Tankō Zensenbutai - EN
This box includes three high quality metal miniatures. These troops are true samurai and would never...
Infinity: Tariqa, High Rank Counselor - EN
The Tariqas are the consultants and senior advisors of the Hachib, President of Haqqislam, as well a...