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Infinity: Parvati, Circle League Star (Submachine gun)
A true Aristeia! star is not afraid of a challenge. So, once again, standing before the abyss of obs...
Release Date: October 2021 (Subject to Change)
Note: Release date is approximate and will be finalized later.
Order Deadline: 28.09.2021
Infinity: Patsy Garnett, Orc Troops Varuna Div. NCO (Submachine Gun) - EN
Patsy Garnett is an Orc Troop from PanOceania, a Heavy Infantry profile that will provide you with t...
Infinity: Penthesilea Amazon Biker Special Edition - EN
Once more Infinity is revving their motors! This new version of Penthesilea, ALEPH’s Steel Pha...
Infinity: Perseo, Mercenary Myrmidon (Two Pistols) - EN
Perseus, the Myrmidon who chose to live to keep fighting instead of commit suicide to avoid a Sepsit...
Infinity: Pneumarch of the Ur Hegemony (High Value Target) - EN
The needed HVT for the Combined Army. Thanks to this incredible miniature, the most feared army of t...
Infinity: Posthumans, 2G Proxies - EN
It is said that Post-humans are the next step in Mankind's evolution. Beings that live in cyber...
Infinity: Probots (EVO Repeater, Combi Rifle) - EN
1x Probot Hacker (Evo Hacking Device) (Electric Pulse)
Infinity: Prowlers - EN
This is a repackaging of individual products into a single product. It is a blister with two high qu...
Infinity: Raoul Spector, Mercenary Operative (Boarding Shotgun) - EN
Raoul Spector is a man who has died many times. He’s one of the privileged few who can claim t...
Infinity: Rasyat Diplomatic Division (Boarding Shotgun) - EN
Perform a lethal surgical attack thanks to the Rasyat’s Airborne Deployment and his Boarding S...
Infinity: Rebots - EN
Box with two miniatures and the options to cover all the troop profiles. Rebots are versatile device...
Infinity: Reverend Custodiers (Hacker, Combi Rifle + Marker) - EN
The reverend custodies are a religious Nomad troop that have among their equipment an Optical Disrup...
Infinity: Reverend Healer (Boarding Shotgun) - EN
The full name is of this troops is Reverend Healer-Killers. The true purpose of these women is to he...
Infinity: Reverend Moiras - EN
The revered Moiras are a Nomadic religious troop. They are equipped with an Optical Disruption Devic...
Infinity: Riot Grrls - EN
This box includes four miniatures: a Riot Grrl with Combi Rifle and Blitzen, a Riot Grrl with Missil...
Infinity: Saito Tōgan, Mercenary Ninja (Combi Rifle) - EN
If you’re looking for the best infiltrator and TO Camouflage option, Saito Togan is the miniat...
Infinity: Scout (Ojotnik) - EN
This product is not a toy. Not intended for use of persons 14 years of age or younger.
Infinity: Securitate (Feuerbach) - EN
The quality of the Securitate members is constantly put to the test, which has made them one of the ...