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GF9 - Basing Kit: Jungle
Now your army can dare tread in the deepest jungles with the Jungle Basing Kit. This kit contains Fo...
GF9 - Basing Kit: Parched Pasture
Prolonged fighting has reduced to countryside to ruin but your army can retake this crucial territor...
GF9 - Basing Kit: Summer Pasture
Your army will make quick time as it crosses the vibrant green plains of the Summer Pasture Basing K...
GF9 - Basing Kit: Tundra
March your army across the stark landscape of the frozen tundra with the Tundra Basing Kit. This kit...
GF9 - Basing Kit: Urban Rubble
Only the most courageous troops dare navigate the twisted ruins of metropolitan devastation created ...
GF9 - Empty Hobby Round Two Pack
Gale Force Nine’s entire range of Hobby Scenics are packaged in clear stackable containers, gi...
GF9 - GF9 Measuring Tape
No hobbyist’s tool collection is complete without a handy tape measure! Gale Force Nine's...
GF9 - Green Stuff: Basic Epoxy
85g of "Green Stuff" Sculpting Epoxy. "Green Stuff" is a room-temperature curing...
GF9 - Grey Stuff: Basic Epoxy
85g of "Grey Stuff" : Hobby Epoxy. “Grey Stuff” is ideal for sculpting master ...
GF9 - Hobby "Bone" Saw
Hobby experts know that a durable bone saw is superior to the jeweler’s saw for all their hobb...
GF9 - Hobby Knife
This high-quality hobby knife is perfect for all of your hobby needs. Whether its cleaning mould lin...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Arid Static Grass
The grass isn’t always greener on the other side… Gale Force Nine’s Arid Static G...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Autumn 3 Color Clump Foliage Mix
Autumn Clump Foliage is a mix of red, orange and yellow clump foliage. Clump foliage is the same mat...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Autumn Flock Blend
Autumn Flock Blend is a mix of red, orange, and yellow flock, with a bit of green. Autumn Flock Blen...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Barbed Wire 15mm (8m)
Contains 8 metres / 24 feet of barbed wire, designed for use with 15mm figures.
GF9 - Hobby Round: Barbed Wire 30mm (6m)
Contains 6 metres / 18 feet of barbed wire, designed for use with 30mm figures.
GF9 - Hobby Round: Bocage Flock Blend
This is a mixed flock blend for representing the colours of Bocage, the famed feature of Normandy.
GF9 - Hobby Round: Concrete Rubble Mix
Concrete rubble creates incredibly realistic concrete because it’s just that: concrete. We use...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Dark Conifer Flock Blend
Dark Conifer Flock Blend is a mix of dark and medium green flocks, with a touch of red and yellow. D...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Dark Green Static Grass
The deep rich colors of Dark Green Static Grass serve as a perfect accent for armies based in ancien...