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Flames Of War - Hungarian Anti-tank Gun and AA Crew (x30 Figs) - EN
Contains. 3x Anti-tank Gun Crews, 2x 40mm AA Gun Crews and 2x Heavy AA Gun Crews. Combine these gun ...
Flames Of War - Hungarian Artillery Crew (x28 Figs) - EN
Contains: 4x Artillery Crews. Combine these gun crews with the following special order codes to comp...
Flames Of War - Hungarian Gaming Tin - EN
Contains 16 Dice, 20 Tokens and 2 Objectives, all in a themed Tin
Flames Of War - Hungarian Starter Force: Zrinyi Assault Gun Battery (Plastic) - EN
Contains: 4x Zrinyi Assault-guns, 3x StuG Assault-guns, 3x Hetzer Assault-guns, 3x Panther Tanks, 4x...
Flames of War - IL-2 Shturmovik Assault Company (x2 Plastic)
Contains 2x Shturmovik Aircraft, 1x Decal Sheet, 2x Flight Stands, 4x Rare Earth Magnets and 2x Unit...
Flames Of War - Infantry Platoon - EN
Contains: 1x Formation Suomi SMG Team, 1x Unit Leader M26 MG & M39 Rifle Team, 6x M26 MG & M...
Flames Of War - Iron Cross - EN
Iron Cross is the next step for the German army in Mid-War as we look towards the Eastern Front. Ger...
Flames of War - Iron Cross Command Cards - EN
Contains 48 cards to enhance your force, field iconic warriors and cutomise your units.
Flames of War - IS-2 Guards Heavy Tank Company (x5 Plastic)
Contains 5x IS-2 (122mm) or IS-85 (85mm) Tanks, 1x Decal Sheet and 6x Unit Cards.
Flames of War - ISU Heavy SP Battery (x5 Plastic)
Contains 5x ISU-122 (122mm) or ISU-152 (152mm) Assault Guns, 1x Decal Sheet and 4x Unit Cards.
Flames of War - Katyusha Guards Rocket Battery (x4 Plastic)
Contains 4x Katyusha Rocket Launchers, 1x Unit Card
Flames of War - KV-8 Flame-Tank Company (x5 Plastic)
Contains 5x KV-8, KV-1 or KV-1s Tanks 1x Decal Sheet and 4x Unit Cards