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Flames of War - D-Day: Germans Unit Cards - EN
Contains 61 unit cards with the statistics and rules for all the units in the D-Day: German book. Th...
Flames Of War - D-Day: Sd Kfz 221 and 222 SS Scout Troop (x3 Plastic) - EN
Contains: 2x Sd Kfz 222 (2cm) Armoured Cars, 1x Sd Kfz 221 (MG) or (2.8cm) Armoured Car and 1x Unit ...
Flames Of War - D-Day: Sd Kfz 231 SS Scout Troop (x4) - EN
Contains: 4x Sd Kfz 231 (2cm) Armoured Cars, 2x Unit Cards
Flames Of War - D-Day: SS Panzergrenadier Platoon (30 figs Plastic) - EN
Contains: 1x Unit Leader MG42 Team, 6 x MG42 Teams, 1x Panzerschreck Anti-tank Team, 3x Unit Cards
Flames Of War - D-Day: SS Reconaissance Company HQ (Plastic) - EN
Contains: 2x Sd Kfz 250 Half-tracks, 2x Half-track Crew Sp rues, 2x MP40 SMG Teams and 3x Unit Cards
Flames Of War - D-Day: Waffen-SS - EN
After D-Day: British will come the last of the four D-Day themed books, D-Day: Waffen- SS, which wil...
Flames Of War - D-Day: Waffen-SS Decal Set (x4) - EN
This blister contains two sheets of decals for ten different SS-Divisions, and two sheets of German ...
Flames Of War - Death From Above - EN
Field Fallschirmjager or Folgore Formations in Mid War with Death From Above. Contains army lists as...
Flames Of War - Dietrich's Ghosts Army Deal - EN
This all Plastic army deal contains 3x Panzer IV tanks, 3x Panzer III tanks and 4x 10.5cm guns
Flames Of War - Enemy at the Gates - EN
Enemy at the Gates brings the Soviet Union’s Red Army into Flames of War, adding a whole new p...
Flames of War - Enemy at the Gates Command Cards - EN
Contains 46 cards to enhance your force, field iconic warriors and cutomise your units.
Flames Of War - Fallschirmjager 8cm/12cm Mortar Platoon (x4 each Plastic)
Contains 4x 8cm Stummel Mortar Teams, 3x 12cm Mortar Teams and 2x Unit Cards.
Flames Of War - Fighting First - EN
The latest Mid War book for Flames Of War 4th Edition is here. Fighting First is 52 pages and covers...
Flames of War - Fighting First Unit Cards - EN
The packs will contain one of each Unit Card that relates to their book. The packs have been designe...
Flames Of War - Finnish 81mm and 120mm Mortar Platoons - EN
Contains: 3x 81mm Mortar Teams and 3x 120mm Mortar Teams