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Feldherr MINI bag for 16 Blood Bowl miniatures - 2016 Edition
Feldherr MINI case for Blood Bowl 2016 and other Fantasy Football miniatures with 32 mm bases. The b...
Feldherr MINI Big Raster Figure Case
The Feldherr MINI Case delivered with one 60 mm pluck foam tray. So it is possible to create individ...
Feldherr MINI MINUS bag for Nintendo Switch - assembled
From now on, your Nintendo Switch is in the best possible hands: The Feldherr MINI MINUS bag include...
Feldherr MINI MINUS CASE with half-size Raster Foam insert
The FELDHERR MINI MINUS has the lowest internal height of all bags. This MINUS Bag includes one 25mm...
Feldherr MINI PLUS 32 miniatures PLUS Monster / Tanks Figure Case
Feldherr MINI PLUS half-size Logo 32 plus Monster / Tanks Figure Case comes with:
Feldherr MINI PLUS 64 miniatures Figure Case
Feldherr MINI PLUS 64 Figure Case comes with:
Feldherr MINI PLUS bag for Dixit - 504 cards + accessories
Game night is coming up and you want to bring your Dixit collection. Unfortunately, the big unwieldy...
Feldherr MINI PLUS for X-Wing Miniatures
The easy to use Figure Case for X-Wing Miniatures comes with:
Feldherr MINI PLUS large Monster + Tanks Figure Case
Feldherr MINI PLUS half-size Logo large Monster / Tanks Figure Case comes with:
Feldherr MINIMUM case for dice
You can never have enough dice. Only not enough room for them.
Feldherr MINIMUM case for miniatures and accessories - 3 compartments
There aren't that many miniatures? But these are still valuable to you?
Feldherr Organizer + foam tray for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - board game box
You no longer know whether you've answered the call of adventure or money. You're part of ...
Feldherr Organizer and foam set compatible with Frosthaven - board game box
The all-round package suitable for the "Frosthaven" board game box - For protecting and so...
Release Date: Q1 2022 (Subject to change)
Note: Release date is approximate and will be finalized later.
Order Deadline: 30.09.2021
Feldherr organizer for Caverna: The Cave Builders - board game box
To be the head of an uprising dwarf family, you need a long beard and lots of brains. To prevent you...
Feldherr organizer for Great Western Trail - board game box
Clever management, organization and timing determine whether you are successful as a rancher or not....
Feldherr organizer for Pulsar 2849 - board game box
After mankind has opened the gate to the stars, the wealth of the galaxy is within reach. Various co...
Feldherr Organizer for Wingspan incl. European and Oceania Expansion
If you want to attract birds, feed them and make them breed, you need patience and a steady hand. St...
Feldherr Storage Box for HeroQuest: core game + 4 expansions
For more than 30 years, the brave warriors and terrifying monsters from HeroQuest battled each other...
Feldherr storage box for Star Wars Armada - Wave 1 - 6
Are you the proud owner of a large Star Wars Armada collection and looking for a safe storage soluti...
Feldherr storage box FSLB040 for 50 miniatures
You don’t know how to safely store your small board game- or tabletop miniatures? In our Stora...