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Pathfinder Adventure Path #174: Shadows of the Ancients (Strength of Thousands 6 of 6) - EN
Save the Magaambya! The heroes return to the Magaambya magic academy to find the villain they'd...
Release Date: 08.12.2021
Order Deadline: 03.11.2021
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Against the Scarlet Triad (Age of Ashes 5 of 6) 2nd Edition -EN
The slavers known as the Scarlet Triad have been defeated twice before, and now the time has come fo...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: All or Nothing (Agents of Edgewatch 3 of 6) (P2) - EN
When the Edgewatch agents receive a much-deserved promotion and transfer to Absalom's interjuri...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Assault on Hunting Lodge Seven (Agents of Edgewatch 4 of 6) (P2) - EN
The Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path continues! Armed with the identity of a powerful Norgorber cu...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Belly of the Black Whale (Agents of Edgewatch 5 of 6) (P2) - EN
The Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path continues! Having been betrayed by their confidants and strip...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Broken Promises (Age of Ashes 6 of 6) 2nd Edition - EN
The Age of Ashes Adventure Path concludes! The heroes have defeated the Scarlet Triad, but in doing ...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Broken Tusk Moon (Quest for the Frozen Flame 1 of 3) (P2) - EN
For generations, the Broken Tusk following has roamed their small patch of the Realm of the Mammoth ...
Release Date: 26.01.2022
Order Deadline: 22.12.2021
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Cult of Cinders (Age of Ashes 2 of 6) 2nd Edition - EN
The Age of Ashes Adventure Path continues! The heroes have claimed the
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Curse of the Crimson Throne Pocket Edition - EN
The kings and queens of Korvosa have long ruled under the shadow of the Curse of the Crimson Throne&...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Despair on Danger Island (Fists of the Ruby Phoenix 1 of 3) (P2) - EN
The Ruby Phoenix Tournament begins! The sorcerer Hao Jin has returned to Tian Xia to host her decenn...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Devil at the Dreaming Palace (Agents of Edgewatch 1 of 6) (P2) -EN
Get ready to shine your badge and report for duty—the Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path begin...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Doorway to the Red Star (Strength of Thousands 5 of 6) (P2) - EN
Soar above a planet of adventure! The trail of a long-vanished ally leads to the other side of a mag...
Release Date: 10.11.2021
Order Deadline: 06.10.2021
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Eulogy for Roslar's Coffer (Tyrant's Grasp 2 of 6) - EN
Eulogy for Roslar's Coffer (2 of 6): Returning to the land of the living, the PCs explore the r...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Eyes of Empty Death (Abomination Vaults 3 of 3) (P2) - EN
Death lurks in the darkness! The deepest levels of the Abomination Vaults contain massive caverns an...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Fires of the Haunted City (Age of Ashes 4 of 6) 2nd Edition - EN
The Age of Ashes Adventure Path continues! The Scarlet Triad has turned
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hands of the Devil (Abomination Vaults 2 of 3) (P2) - EN
Beware when dealing with devils! The Abomination Vaults sprawl far beneath the mysterious Gauntlight...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hellknight Hill (Age of Ashes 1 of 6) - EN
The Age of Ashes Adventure Path begins! When mysterious fires begin to burn atop the towers of a nea...
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hurricane's Howl (Strength of Thousands 3 of 6) (P2) - EN
The Students Become the Masters! Lore-speakers are the teachers of the Magaambya school of magic, an...
Release Date: 13.10.2021
Order Deadline: The deadline has passed and we might not be able to fulfill your preorder after this point.
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Kindled Magic (Strength of Thousands 1 of 6) (P2) - EN
Pathfinder Adventure Path: Kindled Magic (Strength of Thousands 1 of 6) (P2)