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Geschenkset Space Shuttle, 40th. Anniversary (1:72) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
The "Space Shuttle" developed by the US space agency NASA was for a long time the only reu...
Geschenkset X-Wing Fighter + TIE Fighter (1:57 & 1:65) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
Gift set with the most famous fighters from the Star Wars universe, which have faced each other in n...
Harry Potter - Diagon Alley Set 3D Puzzle
Harry Potter's Diagon Alley™ as a 3D puzzle - everything you need to be a wizard's apprentice!
Harry Potter - Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 3D Puzzle
Make your wizarding school perfect with the Hogwarts™ Astronomy Tower 3D Puzzle
Harry Potter - Hogwarts Castle 3D Puzzle
Learn magic like Harry Potter with the Hogwarts™ Castle 3D Puzzle
Harry Potter - Hogwarts Express Set 3D Puzzle
All aboard! The ride is on with the Hogwarts™ Express 3D Puzzle
Harry Potter - Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle
Become a wizard's apprentice with the Hogwarts™ Great Hall 3D Puzzle
Hawker Tempest V (1:32) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
The Hawker Tempest - England's celebrity
Helicopter "FLASH" - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
A small 2 channel IR remote control helicopter. The pilot only has to control the height and steer t...
Highway Police - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
Blue lights on and let's go! The Highway Police Car from Revell Control can win any chase thank...
HMS Dreadnought (1:350) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
The HMS Dreadnought is considered the ancestor of all battleships of the 20th century. When she was ...
HMS Invincible (Falkland War) (1:700) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
Model kit of the British aircraft carrier HMS Invincible, which was especially designed for the use ...
Jagdpanther Sd.Kfz.173 (1:72) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
The Jagdpanther is derived from the famous Panzerkampfwagen V Panther and proved to be superior to a...
Jaguar E-Type (Coupé) (1:24) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
The 269 hp Jaguar E-Type, which was launched in 1961, featured an extra-long bonnet. With a top spee...
Junkers F.13 (1:72) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
Model of the Junkers F.13. It was a milestone in aircraft construction, the world's first all-m...
Junkers Ju188 A-2 "Rächer" (1:48) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
A replica model of the Ju188, a fighter aircraft developed from the Ju88 with a large glass cockpit ...
Junkers Ju52/3m Civil (1:72) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
Probably no aircraft in civil and military aviation can surpass the popularity of the Ju52. Already ...
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Junkers Ju88 A-1 Battle of Britain (1:72) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
The Ju88 was the most versatile German fighter in World War II. With the Ju 88A-1 the series product...
Lamborghini Aventador Police RC (1:24) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
The 2-channel RC scale car with 2.4 GHz remote control is perfect for beginners. Ready for hot pursu...
Lamborghini Aventador RC (1:24) - EN/DE/FR/NL/ES/IT
The 2-channel RC scale car with 2.4 GHz remote control is perfect for beginners. The Lamborghini Ave...