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CO2 Second Chance - DE/FR
This new totally re-designed edition will bring a completely new iconography, an entirely new rulebo...
CO2 Second Chance - EN
This new totally re-designed edition will bring a completely new iconography, an entirely new rulebo...
CO2 Second Chance - Limited SG Pack
The Limited Pack includes the unlocked stretch goals of the CO2 campaign: Second chance not availabl...
CO2 Second Chance - Metal Coin Set
Co2 Second change official coin set. It's made by 50 metal coins: 20x1, 15x2, 10x5, 5x10).
De Vulgari Eloquentia Deluxe - EN
Italy, late Middle Ages: The fabric merchants need to write down their contracts in a language that ...
Release Date: October 2019 (Subject to change)
Note: Release date is approximate and will be finalized later.
Order Deadline: The deadline has passed and we might not be able to fulfill your preorder after this point.
Giochix - African Park - Multilingual
Each player is a ranger, managing a nature reserve. During each game round he needs to welcome a new...
Giochix - Bulp - Multilingual
On the Hill of Bulp a water spring has been discovered. The water is sufficient only for one of the ...
Giochix - Medievalia Action - Multilingual
Medievalia Action! becomes more dynamic and interactive!
Giochix - Romolo o Remo? God Demands Expansion - EN/DE/FR/IT
In Romolo o Remo? players act as Kings of the new cities in the Latium and have to compete with each...
Giochix - Romolo o Remo? Hidden Terrains Expansion - EN/DE/FR/IT
This expansion contains 3 special tiles and 6 silver resource cubes. They are: the Silver mine, the ...
Giochix - The Doge Ship - Multilingual
Venezia, five centuries ago. In order to celebrate the glory of Venezia, the Doge, the maximum autho...
Medioevo Universale - EN
XIII century d.C, Middle Ages are slowly coming to an end, and the world is changing. The Papacy and...
The Dutch East Indies Deluxe - EN/IT/DE/SP/FR
It is the 17th century in the East Indies. You are in charge of two ships, and you have a clear miss...
Virus: Heroes Expansion - EN
Virus Expansion Set, which includes all the stretch-goals unlocked during the Virus campaign and Ski...
Virus: Language Pack French - FR
French Language pack contains 60 cards + the printed rulebook. The French player board is already on...
Virus: Language Pack German - DE
Each Language pack contains 60 cards + the printed rulebook + player board in German language. Cards...
Virus: Walls System Expansion - EN
3D Walls System Set for Virus boardgame. It includes 40 plastic tokens made by 3D printing and/or re...