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Victory at Sea - Kriegsmarine U-Boats & MTB sections - EN
Submarines: A long-ranged submersible, the Type IX was the most successful U-boat of the war, with e...
Victory at Sea - Merchant Convoy - EN
Preventing attacks on defenceless merchant ships is the other main role of the navy, and it was her ...
Victory at Sea - Regia Marina fleet box - EN
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Victory at Sea - Regia Marina Submarines & MTB sections - EN
Submarines: Compared to a German Type VII C submarine, the Marcello-class were much larger, displaci...
Victory at Sea - Royal Navy Submarines & MTB sections - EN
Submarines: Designed for use in North European and Mediterranean waters, the S-class was manoeuvrabl...
Victory at Sea - US Navy Submarines & MTB sections - EN
Submarines: The Gato-class of submarine was the first mass production US submarine class of the Seco...
Victory at Sea - USS Yorktown - EN
The Yorktown-class of aircraft carrier were built in a series of three. Of those, only the USS Enter...
Victory at Sea - Vittorio Veneto - EN
The Littorio class was the first new Italian battleship class for nearly a decade when design work b...
Victory at Sea Hardback Rulebook - EN
The Battle for the Pacific was only the beginning. Victory at Sea is the game of naval combat during...
Victory at Sea: Battle for the Pacific Starter Game - EN
Victory at Sea is the game of naval combat during the Second World War. Throughout 1939–45, th...
Victory at Sea: Bismarck - EN
Two Bismarck-class battleships were built for the Kriegsmarine. Bismarck was the first, named for th...
Victory at Sea: Cruisers - Admiral Graf Spee & Admiral Scheer - EN
The Deutschland-class of warships were relatively small, by battleship standards, but were well armo...
Victory at Sea: HMS Ark Royal - EN
One of the most famous carriers of the war, the HMS Ark Royal received many battle honours in its se...
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Victory at Sea: HMS Hood - EN
At one time, the HMS Hood was the largest and possibly most famous ship in the world, representing t...
Victory at Sea: IJN Fleet Box - EN
For centuries, Japan's policy of seclusion (sakoku) saw it concentrate on coastal defences in o...
Victory at Sea: Kriegsmarine Aircraft - EN
With carriers planned but not built, Germany’s airpower was limited to launching from airfield...
Victory at Sea: Kriegsmarine Fleet Box - EN
The Kriegsmarine had to be virtually rebuilt after the First World War. Forbidden to own capital shi...
Victory at Sea: Royal Navy Aircraft - EN
The British air raid on the Italian port of Taranto demonstrated to the world the vulnerability of s...