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Search Help

We have a very loose search which will find a lot of products most of the time because we use several criteria to search for (name and description of a product are only two of those things). The search will use every single word of your search query to find as many products for this word as possible. If you searched for "magic sleeves" it will display both results for "magic" and for "sleeves" which should be quite a lot.

There is one way to restrict your search results to display finer results. You can use a "+" (plus) between queries. E.g.: Instead of searching for "bng event" to find the Born of the Gods Event Decks you can search for "bng + event" (or "bng+event") to find only products that are linked to both "bng" and "event". Please don't include quotation marks in your search. These are only used here to illustrate the search queries.

Also note that you can restrict your results to certain categories if you click on one of the categories on the left side. It will then display products within this category that match your search query. Only categories with matching products will be displayed.

If a query only has one result you will get instantly redirected to the product-page in question.