La Granja The Dice Game: ¡No Siesta! - DE

In ¡No Siesta!, 1-4 players manage small farms around the Alpich pond near the village of Esporles on Majorca. Players will expand their farms, bring goods to the market, and deliver goods.
¡No Siesta! is a game that encourages players to seize potential opportunities while taking risks. To win, a player will need to make wise decisions how to best utilize the unpredictable results of each die roll, while keeping in mind what the other players are working towards.

¡No Siesta! contains the following components:

•    9 dice
•    1 pad of player tally sheets
•    1 pad of score sheets
•    4 pencils
•    32 wooden disks (8 in each player color)
•    24 roof tiles
•    36 helper tiles (6 in each player color and 12 grey tiles)
•    1 "Siesta Track" board
•    1 "The Esporles Market" board
•    4 revenue boards (in the player colors)
•    1 Start Player “Pig” meeple

•    1 sticker sheet for the dice


•    1 Rulebook


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