The Forgotten Planet - Multilingual (Slightly damaged box)

The Forgotten Planet - Multilingual (Slightly damaged box)
Brand: Giochix
Product Code: GX011sd
EAN: 8033532950149sd
Category: Giochix
License: Various
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Board Game

The search for the energy crystals continues without respite all around the universe! The Merchant Guild is ready to pay outrageous amounts of money and all the Seekers roam around to find them. Breaking News! The Forgotten Planet's surface, on the edge of the galaxy, is full of them. In a few days, a new gold race begins, where men are replaced by robots, that search, explore and fight to control the precious mineral!

The Forgotten Planet is a strategic game where players have to extend their control placing tiles around their Bases and moving their robots over them. It's possible to steal part of the surface from another player and to build walls. Points are earned from the control of mines, selling crystals, and building robots and bases.

Contents: 28 wooden robots, 72 land tiles, 28 mine tiles, 16 base tiles, 16 VP tiles, 4 angle markers, 9 grid spacers, 60 resource wooden cubes, 140 ownership markers, 28 wall sticks, 1 die, 6 player reference sheets.

NB! Packaging is slightly damaged.