Hobby World - Hollywood - EN

Hobby World - Hollywood - EN
Brand: Hobby World
Product Code: HW81122
EAN: 4620011811226
Category: Hobby World
License: Hobby World
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

Hollywood is easy to play for newcomers but offers enough depth to satisfy board game veterans. You will pick the most talented actors at drafting, win superstars contracts at auctions and create award-winning blockbusters!

All of the cards in Hollywood are tightly connected to the movie-making theme.

Each movie needs to have exactly one script, one director and one actress or one actor. After that you can add one more actor or actress and as many special (green) cards as you could get.

There a lot of different specialists to add to your movie: Producers, Sound Engineers, Director Assistants and many others! Different cards bring different benefits, but they are always connected to the movie-making theme. You can make a single blockbuster out of your cards or up to 3 movies at once!

As soon as everyone is done making movies, players calculate the income generated by movies and mark the result at the scoring track. There is also the awards ceremony. Each card of your movie may have award icons. The movie with the most award icons wins the “Movie of the Year” trophy. At the end of the game this will bring extra points to trophy owners.

Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster was successfully kickstarted at 2014. With a lot of stretch goals achieved, it got lots of unique exclusive cards and even a special mini-expansion The Other Side of Hollywood.

184 full-sized cards • 30 small cards • 6 100-million tokens • 6 wooden counters • 3 wooden Hollywood Awards • Money track • Game rules