A Dog's Life Kickstarter Collector's edition - EN/DE

A Dog's Life Kickstarter Collector's edition - EN/DE
Brand: Beton Games
Category: Various
License: Various
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Board Game

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A German Shepherd, a Poodle, a Whippet, a Boxer, a Labrador, and a Fox terrier take a break from their masters in order to experience an adventure in town.
But they aren't used to taking care of themselves though. They need you, your family, and your friends to care for them!
You have to decide when your dog needs to:
• Beg in restaurants.
• Search through trash.
• Deliver newspapers.
• Fight rival hounds.
• Drink from fountains.
• Piddle on lamp posts.
• Hide from the dogcatcher.
Do it right and your dog could be the first one to bury 3 bones in his den and win the game of A Dog's Life!

Content of the Kickstarter Collector’s Edition

1 game board
29 pre-painted dog figures
1 pre-painted dog catcher’s car
1 rounded die
11 dog cards
348 action cards (one set of 12 for each dog)
6 den cards
6 hunger counters
15 trash can counters
24 bones
12 newspapers
48 piddle counters
1 game manual
1 stretch Goals rules
English/German rules included

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