Jack and the Beanstalk (Classic Box) - EN

Jack and the Beanstalk (Classic Box) - EN
Brand: Iello
Product Code: 51416
EAN: 3760175514166
Category: Iello
License: Iello
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

You are trying to climb the Magic Beanstalk
to reach the Giant’s castle and bring back as
many sacks of gold as possible!
Taking turns, choose the number of dice
you will roll, then stack them to make the Magic
Beanstalk grow. If a player knocks over the stack
while building the Beanstalk, the other players
can steal the Giant’s sacks of gold!
The richest player at the end of the game wins.

12 dice
1 mini-board
15 Treasure tokens shaped like clouds (5 colors per player)
2 wooden cylinders
35 Action cards (7 per player)
30 Sack of Gold cards valued 10, 15, and 20
1 Magic Bean token
5 Axe tokens
1 Big Axe
1 Castle to assemble
1 Eye token (Expert variant)

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