Carcassonne Exp 5: Abbey & Mayor (New Version) - EN

Carcassonne Exp 5: Abbey & Mayor (New Version) - EN
Brand: Z-Man Games
Product Code: ZMG78105
EAN: 681706781051
Category: Carcassonne
License: Z-Man Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game

This fifth expansion for Carcassonne gives players new options to increase their influence across the land. Traveling merchants show their wares in every city and abbey. Some cities have elected a mayor. Farmers are accruing vast wealth by cleverly delineating their land while the Church desires to strengthen its influence by building imposing abbeys. Each tile from this expansion is marked with a special icon, allowing you to sort these tiles more quickly.

12 new Land tiles
6 wooden barns
6 wooden wagons
6 wooden mayor
6 Abbey tiles