Jackal Archipelago - EN (Slightly damaged box)

Jackal Archipelago - EN (Slightly damaged box)
Brand: Magellan Games
Product Code: MAG05139sd
EAN: 4660006612261sd
Category: Magellan Games
License: Magellan Games
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

Welcome to the nearly uninhabited island where the Jackal, an infamous old pirate, buried his treasure. It is now your task to first explore the island, and then to find every last coin and drag it all back to your ship – and be quick about it lest you be overtaken by a rival gang of buccaneers!


66 square terrain tiles
4 pirate ships
4 square boat tiles
4 pirate crew (red, yellow, black and white)
Each containing 3 pirate figures
19 pirates coins
16 ability cards
5 messages in bottles
10 puzzle cards for the single-player variant
Pirate ability stickers
Missionary piece
Bear piece
Six-sided die

NB! Packaging is slightly damaged.