Marvel Universe - Vision 1/6 Scale Fine Art Statue 41cm

Marvel Universe - Vision 1/6 Scale Fine Art Statue 41cm
Brand: Kotobukiya
Product Code: KotMK217
EAN: 190526002760
Category: Kotobukiya
License: Marvel
Product Type: Statue / Maquette

Product information:

Kotobukiya's Fine Aart Statue lineup of Super Heroes and villains from MARVEL Comics continues with the Vision Fine Art Statue!

Sculpted by Erick Sosa, Vision stands 41 cm/16.14 inches tall in a glorious 1/6 scale.
Vision floats above- and phases through- the remains of a destroyed building with rubble and a girder making up the character base.
Display alone or alongside other classic MARVEL Fine Art Statues from Kotobukiya!

Character Information:

The Vision is described as being "...every inch a human being—except that all of his bodily organs are constructed of synthetic materials." The Solar Jewel on the Vision's forehead absorbs ambient solar energy to provide the needed power for him to function, and he is also capable of discharging this energy as optic beams; with this, he can fire beams of infrared and microwave radiation.

Being an artificial life-form/android of sorts, the Vision has superhuman senses, superhuman stamina, reflexes, speed, agility, strength (even without being at high density), superhuman analytical capabilities, and the ability to process information and make calculations with superhuman speed and accuracy. The Vision is an expert in the combat use of his superhuman powers, and is a highly skilled tactician and strategist. The Vision is an expert on his own construction and repair.