Catch The Moon - EN

Catch The Moon - EN
Brand: Bombyx
Product Code: BOMDEC01
EAN: 3760267990007
Category: Various
License: Various
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game

Going through the clouds and catching the Moon, what a sweet dream... All that’s needed are a few skillfully placed ladders, a good sense of balance and a hint of imagination. The Moon watches impatiently for you to reach her, but she’s a sensitive lady and the slightest clumsiness will make her shed a tear. Just the right mix of daring and wisdom will help you be the most agile of dreamers.


30 Wooden Ladders (including 3 Straight Ladders), 7 Wooden Moon Tears, 1 Plastic Base, 1 Wooden Die, 1 Rulebook

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