Mage Wars

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Mage Wars - Forged in Fire - EN
The Warlocks’ fiery eyes fixated on the Dwarven mines of the Anvil Throne Mountains.
Mage Wars Arena - Battlegrounds: Domination - EN
Dominate the Arena in a whole new way with customized Arena tiles to create your own designs!
Mage Wars Arena - Core Set - EN
The Mage Wars Core Set is being re-branded to the "Mage Wars Arena Core Set" in April this...
Mage Wars Arena - Lost Grimoire Volume 1 - EN
The Lost Grimoire contains 108 previously unreleased spells that augment every playstyle. Do the sec...
Mage Wars Arena - Westlock Playmat
Now your Mage Wars Battles can go where you go with the new, portable, Arena Playmats from Arcane Wo...