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Alien vs Predator: Alien Crusher - EN
There are no doors that Crusher won't open, there are no armors that Crusher won't rip apa...
Alien vs Predator: Alien King - EN
The Alien King, known also as "Monstrosity". This breed of Xenomorph was introduced for a ...
Alien vs Predator: Alien Predalien - EN
Even mightiest hunters fall and become Alien's prey. Those who are unlucky and live are used to...
Alien vs Predator: Alien Queen - EN
All hail the queen! Classic "character" from "Aliens" is here and ready to take ...
Alien vs Predator: Alien Royal Guard - EN
Even the Queen needs bodyguards.
Alien vs Predator: Alien Stalkers - EN
Different kind of animal, the fastest one of the brood.
Alien vs Predator: Alien Warriors - EN
Fully developed and mature alien warrior is core of Alien Hive.
Alien vs Predator: M577 Armoured Personnel Carrier - EN
The M577 is designed to be a multi-role vehicle. Despite being well-armed and armoured, this lightwe...
Alien vs Predator: Marine Powerloader - EN
Primarily used to lift and relocate heavy objects the power loader is a true asset to Human engineer...
Alien vs Predator: Predator Elders - EN
UniCast models, no assembly needed.
Alien vs Predator: Predator Hellhounds - EN
Don't go for hunting without friends! Deadly hellhounds will make sure that your prey won'...
Alien vs Predator: Predators - EN
Regular hunters, ruthless killers.
Alien vs Predator: The Hunt Begins 2nd Edition - EN
The Xenomorphs, one of the deadliest of all known alien species with the potential to destroy and er...
Alien vs Predator: USCM Marines - EN
Combining firepover with expert training - there is nothing they can't handle.