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Conan: Dice Set - EN
When you find yourself with your back to the wall amid the pulsepounding,
Conan: Khitai Expansion - EN
This place is a mystery in Howard's works. It is known however that it?s home to great sorcerer...
Conan: Kushite Witch Hunters Expansion - EN
The Overlord gains more of both swords and sorcery with the Kushite
Conan: Nordheim Expansion - EN
The north wind blows in from the rugged domains north of Conan's homeland. With Asgard to the e...
Conan: Stygia Expansion - EN
Far to the South of Conan's home there lies a dry, arid land where a rugged, dark skinned peopl...
Conan: Yogah of Yag Expansion - EN
It was in Robert E. Howard's story The Tower of the Elephant that Conan first met the strange, ...